What My Note Taking Nerd Learned At Eben Pagan's Platinum Conversion Summit

“The Cutting Edge Method Discovered, At The Eben Pagan Platinum Conversion Summit, For How To Convert More Prospects And Turn Them Into Your Customers Who Like & Trust You Enough To Enjoy Putting A Crap Load Of Money Into Your Bank Account In Exchange For Your Service or Expertise”

And This May Very Well Be The Best Part: Everything I Learned In This Course Is Served To You Quickly, Easily, And Inexpensively…

From: Dexter Abraham (Chief Nerd) & Lewis LaLanne (Nerd #2)

Date: Friday, 11:53 P.M.

RE: Learn The Exact Strategies Taught At The Platinum Conversion Summit… The Information contained in the Report you are about to receive can and will improve your business and life drastically and permanently….but only if you let it. In this report I’ll share with you everything I learned at this amazing seminar Eben, recently held, for his Elite Platinum Members.

You will discover all of the tactics and strategies you will ever need to know about The Conversion Process…taking those prospective customers you’ve generated and get them to make a buying decision, to take action, to exchange their money for what you sell.

Take just 7 minutes to read this entire sales letter. You will learn many strategies and how MyNoteTakingNerd helps you Spend More Time “Making Money” and Less Time “Learning About Making Money”.

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BONUS TELESEMINAR: “The Top 13 Strategies MyNoteTakingNerd Learned At The Platinum Conversion Summit

Nerd #2 and Chief will go into detail on what they consider to be the 13 VERY BEST strategies from the Report!

Not just a rehash of the report either. Different examples and step by step break downs of the specific strategies they cover.

Think of it as an Audio Summary of the Notes.

And if you’ve been on a Nerd Teleseminar you should know that The Chief over delivers every time.

Be prepared though. I’m told this will be 3 -4 hours minimum.

When: Tuesday March 15th, 2011 @ 8:00 P.M. Mountain Time / Duration: 90 Minutes to 2.5 Hrs. (IF DATE HAS ALREADY TAKEN PLACE YOU WILL RECEIVE DIGITAL DOWNLOADS!)

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“I Suffer from Information overload and I don’t travel (on the road) as much so I don’t have time to listen to my CDs or MP3s. MNTN is GREAT… way it’s AWESOME because I can quickly scan and locate ideas instead of suffer through hours of boring ramblings and ONLY get the MEAT of the courses. I would gladly sign up for a membership site… today!…”
Tim Birch & www.150proofresults.com

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You Will Learn:

  • Your Prospect Behaves Like a Chimp? Yep. Discover the three behavior traits chimpanzees and your prospects share that allows you to talk to them in a way that allows them to hear what you have to say, knowing and trusting, you, are the head chimp in charge they need to give their money to so that they can have their problem solved or greatest desire met…
  • The single best prospect you could ever find is NOT just experiencing pain and urgency or irrational passion. They are also ­­­L___________ F____ A_ S__________!!! Figure out this Wheel of Fortune answer in these notes and you’ll be well on your way to crushing your competition who are always “Trying to talk people into stuff” and humping the leg of the least receptive prospect possible…
  • Your Business’s Financial Health: How only selling products and services that are worth waaaay more, preferably 10x, than the money you’re charging them will keep the Dr. repo man away from your shiny car… and why you shouldn’t be in a business where you can’t clearly demonstrate this is the true for your offer… THEN, see exactly how to explain this to your prospect so that it makes perfect sense to them…
  • What is THE Most Important Piece of Your Conversion Process? Don’t know? As you’re looking at, and easing through the “Prospect/Product Connection Exercise”, you’ll be figuring this out for yourself so that you NEVER end up giving your prospects the creepy feeling that you’re marketing like a pathetic loser. You don’t figure this out, NO amount of “fancy marketing” will fix the problems you have…
  • REVELATION: We only do things in reality that we first imagine ourselves doing inside of our mind. So the answer to question of… ‘What info do I need to give to my prospect, how do I need to communicate with them, so they’re imagining buying and using my product and service in their mind?’… will be revealed to you in pin-point precise detail…
  • Why not that many people want what you sell… and what they want instead: When you get to this section of the notes you’re possibly gonna shit yourself when the common sense part of your mind see’s how important this is and how you’ve been COMPLETELY neglecting it the WHOLE time you’ve ever your sold products or services online. The good news is, you fix this in your presentation of your product and service and you’re no longer in the dark… but your competitors are! Muahahahahaha!!!

Eban should buy the license from you and offer it with his pack.This is such a cool idea. I listen to a lot of stuff. I actually mind map a lot of it to help with recall and implementation. What you;ve done is really great. I got your Altitude repport and it’s brilliant. Good luck iwth this site. What you are doing is really valuable….”


  • Indulge In Marketing Sin!!! The ONE market you can be in and succeed selling the hardest thing on the planet to sell… the “P” word. No, not penis pumps. They sell pretty good because they’re trying to cure a problem. The “P” word that’s a death kiss to the direct marketer is “Prevention.” This ONE market is EXTRAORDINARILY receptive to this idea and if you have no niche, this could be home for you…
  • SECRET FANTASIES OF YOUR PROSPECTS: 4 questions that take you inside the sick, twisted, and sometimes… no often times, perverted mind of the prospects who are gonna be happiest giving you their money over and over and over again. Laser focus in on these fantasies, and you can kiss your money worries GOOD BYE…
  • Eben Pagan’s Tells You Specifically When, Why, and How You’re Supposed To Insult a Prospect By Telling Them To “Fuck Off”. The sooner you start doing this, the sooner you’ll be looking at your conversion stats and feeling like King of the House…
  • EVAPORATE RESISTANCE!!! There’s a simple, unique-to-your-situation “One-Two Punch” sentence that allows you to get into your prospect’s reality with them and say ‘Yes I’m in here with you, we’re looking out together on the same side of the table, we have the same perspective, AND hey, let me show you this other cool little thing’ which is the gentle baby step towards them buying what would perfectly serve them with value that’s 10x worth what you’re asking them for. Page 25-26 is where you’ll see it…
  • Why Your Cherished Expertise Could Be Poisoning Your Business…
  • Would You Think You Were Smart If You Tried To Make A Point In English To A Person Who Only Spoke Russian? Well, more likely than not, you’re making a mistake just as dumb as this when presenting your product or service to your prospects. Perfect the language your specific prospect needs to hear to get that what you have, is what they want… right now.

“People are often afraid to say “Give me Your Money, and I’m going to Give you something more valuable then the money.”
You Will Also Learn…
  • The Fine Art of Transforming $10. Dollar Words Into $100.00 Words: Use this 8 Step Grid to get this right and the majority your ideal prospect will watch enough of your sales videos or read enough of your salesletters to convince themselves that you should have some of their money in exchange for your short cut to their getting what they want…
  • If you don’t ask just this one question BEFORE you build a product… you’re gonna get your ass handed to you when you go to sell it. Get a satisfactory answer to this question and you’ll be building products that market themselves… products that all you have to do is start telling about what’s in it and your perfect customers will be saying the magic words… ‘Okay I’ll take one – Sold!’
  • What are the 10 reasons why your prospects see it’d be risky doing business with you? Find your answers in the “Risk-Reversal” section, address them in your sales copy and marketing, and you can count on looking at your computer screen and seeing sales stats that get you nodding your head like, “HELL MUTHAFUCKIN’ YEAH”. Skip this section… and there’s a good chance you’ll probably be embarrassed to check your stats or talk about them with anyone you know. Choice is up to you…

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I totally guarantee your satisfaction with this unique guide to getting connected in all the right places and with the right people. In fact, the program can easily pay back its cost more than 10 times over the very first time you use it! Even better, if you aren’t convinced thatMyNoteTakingNerd’s Notes on Eben Pagan’s Conversion Summit Program isn’t one of the best Business courses you’ve ever laid eyes on then it’s your’s FREE…. Or you are unhappy for any other reason … or for no reason at all … just let me know. We’ll give you a prompt and full refund. And you can keep the e-book free with my compliments. That way, you risk nothing. So what are you waiting for?



To Your Success,

Dexter Abraham Chief Nerd – MyNoteTakingNerd

P.S. Remember the cost of this report is just $29. The cost of the seminar was $2,000. Extreme Value backed by a NO B.S. Guarantee!

Why Nerd Reports?
It’s really quite simple. If you want to make decisions and take actions that allow you to kick some ass on your competition so that they quit eating away at your customer base. If you want to breathe easily knowing that there’s enough money to keep you and your family comfortable consistently flowing into your bank account. And…. If you want to create and/or sell products and services that make all of this possible… You’ve gotta surround yourself with people who have solutions to the business problems you face. Then, you’ve gotta take action on the solutions they give you. Then, because challenge and growth is a constant in business, you rinse and repeat. That’s it. But there’s a metric shit-ton packed into the brief paragraph above and because…
A business owner trying to do everything by themselves is a recipe for disaster.
If you’ve got ADD tendencies like me and it’s harder than hell for you to sit through one hour of video or audio, let alone the complete 24-30 hours that make up some of the courses sold to help you build your business then you’re really gonna appreciate what I’ve put together for you here. It’s a safe bet that even if you own the solution to your problems, that this solution is being held hostage by one CD, inside that one course sitting on your shelf. Without having the informationsitting on your shelf, or at that seminar you can’t go to, makes it damn near impossible to get…

  • Consistent results…
  • Scalability in your company…
  • Have the business run independent of you…
  • Your ideas converted into money…
  • Your income converted into wealth…
  • Constant & never ending improvement in your business

So what’s a superstar like you to do when you want to Kick Some Ass in business BUT you’re strapped for time because besides working…. You also like to… play sports, dance, nap, eat out at hole in the wall & fine restaurants, watch movies, have hot sweaty sex, take vacations, be a shoulder to lean on for friends with problems, go see comedy shows, color, dance, draw, pretend, chat with your kids? What’s your go-to system for inhaling business breakthroughs with speed at precisely THE EXACT MOMENT YOU’RE IN TROUBLE, NEED ANSWERS NOWand still have balance in your life?

A Wet Dream For The Busy, The Impatient, And The Scatter-Brained
Being the anal bastard I am, I started taking notes on my programs and filing them away so that when the need came up for a solution to a problem, BAM! the answer was at my fingertips within seconds, instead of hours or maybe never.

Here’s The Systematized Answers, Right When You Need Them, Inside Your MyNoteTakingNerd Report! GAIN ACCESS IMMEDIATELY!