Why Aren’t Your Perfect Prospects Giving You All The Money You Want?

There are five crucial questions you must answer correctly before asking people to give you their cash and your answers to these questions determine how many or how few sales you make 

How Many Of These Are You Answering Correctly?


Today I want to hand you the right questions and help you figure out the right answers so that your sales letter can consistently make you money rather than cost you money and self-esteem

If you want your sales letter to grab attention and get people to trade you their dollars for what you offer so that you can feel both secure with and proud of the amount of money sitting in your bank account, you’ve gotta learn the specific needs that your customer has and figure out how to display these needs and wants in a way that WITHIN SECONDS of seeing your ad leads your perfect prospect to saying, “That’s for me.”

Maybe you know what your perfect prospects want.

But knowing this and conveying this compellingly in print, pixel or person are two entirely different things.

And not knowing how to say what your perfect prospect wants to hear is axe-murdering your sales.

“I was blessed to discover Lewis Lallanne 15 years ago. I’ve been spoiled that he’s been my Chief Copywriter. I’ve watched as he went from fledgling “learner” to a Master Copywriter. I’ll personally state that I’ll put his work against any Copywriter alive today. He’s that good. His copy has brought in millions of dollars for my companies ranging from the fundraising, bodybuilding, marketing, personal development Niches and even the Circus Business. Today I am super excited as he’s about to unleash his genius and move into what he calls his New Calling. Transferring the wisdom and giving back to the entrepreneur community. It’s his passion. You are the WINNER today…”
Dexter Abraham, Profit Marketing Partners

Most people are scared shitless of rejection and are hopelessly confused by what makes an advertisement work so they act like writing ads is beyond them believing that it is something the pros on Madison Avenue do . . .

. . . when in reality, people who work at home from their computer and interact one-on-one with their perfect prospects every day and answer these 5 questions correctly are some of the BEST advertisers on the planet.

Getting Customers Is All About Writing Ads

If you want customers, you’ve gotta write ads. You’ve got to build this skill and not walk through life avoiding it like it’s some kind of dog turd you’re trying to sidestep saying to yourself, “That’s not what I do.”

NOTHING You Do In Your Business Matters More Than Your Ability To Get People To Give You Money

As a business owner or someone charged with making sales that bring money into your business, you need to hear the following story a thousand times so that this priceless lesson sinks into your bone marrow.

Once upon a time the esteemed marketing strategist Dan Kennedy was doing a bunch of copywriting work for Weight Watchers corporate.

The president was a very nice guy named Les. Les was Kennedy’s height, had a 28 inch waist, and you could almost slide him under the door he’s so thin.

Dan, being the wise strategist he is, starts to probe Les for any unique and useful insights he has. He asks him, “Have you ever had a weight problem?” No. “Anybodyin your family ever have a weight problem?” No. “Have you ever sold anything nose-to-nose, toes-to-toes, closed group or one-to-one?” No. “When’s the last time you went to a Weight Watchers meeting?” Never been to one.

Les is of no help to Dan.

Well, after a few months of doing work for these guys, Dan is at their headquarters in Long Island and Les calls Dan into his office and he says, “We gotta talk,” which is never good. This means, “I’m gonna talk and you’re not gonna like what I say.” That’s really what it means.

Les says, “I’ve been doing some calculations and it turns out that we’re paying you more per hour than we’re paying me. And I’m president of the company.”

Dan said, “Les, let me explain to you why that’s fine. You know how to do everything here far better than I do. You know this company inside out. You know everything about running this company except for one thing – how to get fat people to show up at Weight Watchers meetings and give you money. About that, you’re clueless. Unfortunately, everything else you know how to do is valueless without that. That’s why I get paid more than you do. But we can keep it our little secret. See ya at lunch.”

And out the door Dan went. And the two of them never had the conversation again.

This is the truth to keeping a business profitable and this is why nothing you do in your business matters more than your ability to get people to give you money.

I am guessing that if people aren’t beating down your door, money in hand begging you to take it from them, that you’re more like Les at this point in time than you are like Dan

This is a marvelous realization to have.

This is a courageous truth to admit to yourself.

Anyone who tells you any different has their head up their ass and hasn’t the slightest understanding that running a business is no walk in the park.

Look at ALL THIS SHIT you’re responsible for managing just to keep your head above water . . .


Manifesto IM Graphic


I don’t expect you to be the sales master of the universe if you’re juggling all these activities and I applaud you being brave enough to take on the herculean title of “business owner” and for reaching out to me for guidance.


Because the cold hard truth is, if like Les you don’t know the best way to get people to give you money, you won’t be in business for very much longer.

When I work with a client and actually write everything for them myself, I insist on seeing evidence that they themselves can put together ads that work. Why? Because I don’t want to team up with Les and end up having that stupid, “you’re getting paid more per hour than I am,” conversation.

I only work with people who are up to speed and who know the value of having a high-powered copy strategist on their side that they trust and happily invest in their wisdom because as the successful business owner they are devoting the majority of their time to other marketing and product/content creation activities.

And this is why my favorite person to write for is me.

At this point in time I am not satisfied by, nor am I all that interested in settling for the standard $27,779 fee plus 3% royalties on gross sales for creating and directing a client’s campaign.

Instead, I am currently enjoying getting 100% of the profit and zero hassles as the result of selling products for my own business. I love working with and trusting me because I when I write, shit gets implemented right and money flows to me.

I want you to LOVE working for and trusting yourself because you can be your own best ally in your business.

And I guess I also have a selfish side motivation for helping you here in that if I ever free myself up to work one-on-one with clients in the future and do all the heavy lifting of custom creating balls-to-wall compelling campaigns for you, I would prefer to know that you and I are the perfect fit for each other.

I know that you might be a little bit sad that there will be no opportunity today for you to give me a $27,779 dollar check in order to have me write your sales copy for you so that you can kick back and relax knowing the sales ship is in the hands of a competent captain and the destination is a pay day paradise.

I do however trust you’ll be truly excited about the alternative gift you can treat yourself to that is waiting for you below.  

The Five Most Crucial Questions You Must Get The Right Answers To Before You Write Even One Single Word Of Copy

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the prostitution business or all the way at the other end of the spectrum and you’re building a church following . . . I don’t care what business you’re in, there are 5 questions you need profitable answers to if you’re going to get people to hand you their money.

Here’s the first one . . .

1. What is your real product or service?

If you think about the high end escort business where men pay thousands of dollars to spend the evening with a woman, what would you say the real service being provided is?

If you said, “Sex.” I’m glad that you and I talking right now because that answer is 100% WRONG.

What Sidney Biddle Barrows, the infamous Mayflower Madam, discovered was that everyone was in awe that she could sell seven minutes of sex for $10,000 dollars. This was the average amount of time her escorts spent having sex after being with their “date” for hours.

And she always corrected them by saying that she wasn’t selling sex, but instead was selling fantasy to these men. Fantasy is what they repeatedly paid $10 K for.

Had Sidney only tried to sell orgasms like her competitors she would have relegated herself to competing with all the cutthroat pimps on the street where the name of the game is competing on low price and high volume and fighting each other over what territory their desperate $10 dollar crack hookers get to stand out in the snow and the blazing heat in. 

The right focus led her to become wealthy and world famous . . . even after her business was busted up by the law because she learned this critically important business lesson.

Are you selling the entirely wrong product? Are you turning perfectly qualified prospects away because you’re emphasizing the entirely wrong benefit of what you truly offer? You and I will discuss this in detail on a private phone call between just the two of us. 

2. Who is your perfect prospect?

Scientific studies have proven over and over again that you and I suffer from self deception that creates blind spots in all of our senses.

We have preferences that influence the way we interpret things, the way we make decisions, the way we communicate, the way we take actions and interact with others.

And our personal preferences end up interacting with other people’s preferences and they clash with each other and this makes it so we’re actually closer to walking around in a room blind with a stick vs. walking around with our eyes open in a sun lit meadow.

But we don’t see this because we’ve become overconfident in our senses.

This happens all the time in conflicts with romantic partners when you don’t see how something obviously was a miscommunication – a misunderstanding until AFTER the conflict.

How can you spell something out for someone in a way you perceive to be stupid-proof and still not have the person you’re spelling it out to, not get it?

Here’s how . . .

Most people in today’s society are very poor business people . . . very poor money managers . . . very poor fitness managers . . .  very poor food managers . . . and very poor relationship managers.

In essence, most people are a train wreck happening . . . or waiting to happen.

This is one of the reasons reality TV is so popular. People can watch these shows and say, “Look at that fat idiot. I never would’ve done that,” all while being a fat idiot sitting on their ass watching the show while downing a sugary drink that keeps them fat, unmotivated and dumb.

How complex is the process of paying yourself first by taking 10-20% of what you earn and saving it instead of borrowing 10-20% more than you earn on a credit card and blowing money you don’t have? Not very hard.

But the way we’re wired makes us think that it makes sense to go spend with credit and not save because when we were evolving as humans there were no refrigerators. There were no banks. If there was a windfall, you consumed as much as you could right now while the gettin’ was good.

The same is true with advertising.

We came wired with shitty ad writing skills. We have a program that tells us we don’t want to do this stuff and that when you do hunker down to do it, you just put down whatever feels right and you don’t really take the time to figure out how to actually do it right.

We are not wired to figure out the hot button emotions in another human being.

You’ve gotta understand when you set out on the mission of asking people to buy something from you, you are going to meet your self.

Your self is gonna wanna tell you to bail and go watch TV.

This is the siren call of your fear of not wanting to be wrong, not wanting to be rejected, and not look dumb that causes you to slowly but surely crash your business into the rocks.

So by consciously grabbing your attention by the scruff of the neck and placing it on the 5 crucial questions you need to answer before writing an ad, this urge to bolt from this life-sustaining action will disappear and marketing can become fun because you see that what you’re doing is creating massive value for the people who give you money.

A skill that you have that you may not use as much as you could is EMPATHY

This is the process of imagining you’re another human being and what it is like to be them.

You need to be able to project yourself into another person’s existence for minutes, not seconds. Several minutes at a time where you actually can become them like an actor who’s training for a character.

It will help you tremendously to imagine what it’s like to wake up as this person, what you say when you see yourself in the mirror, the secret fantasies this person has, the way you communicate and try to subtly hide your issues from yourself and others, the way you’re trying to get approval, control and security, and when things get bad because you’ve been deluding yourself – the feelings of desperation and paranoia that come up inside.

Practicing this will pay off BIG TIME.

There are 11 surface level questions to ask in order to get to the bottom of who your perfect prospect is and then 15 deep level structure questions that allow you to figure out how your perfect prospect’s describe themselves to themselves.

Once you know the answers to these questions, you’ll have the backstage pass into their mind and you’ll join the club of the few other people in their life who they feel understand them and who they truly listen to.

Once you’re welcomed into this VIP section of your perfect prospect’s mind, you’ll notice a dramatic increase in the number of people who not only become your vocal raving fans but also become the people who buy EVERYTHING you offer them.

When you and I lay all of this out over the phone I’ll even show the best way to get your perfect prospects to answer all these intimate questions for you. It won’t be long now until you begin to experience the full effect of what it feels like to be worshipped.   

3. Who is your best messenger?

Should your ad be written in your voice, in the third person, or in the voice of testimonial?

Who is best suited to deliver the message?

Who possesses the power to get your audience all lathered up?

Different situations call for a different messenger but the one thing that I can say for sure is if the wrong person shows up saying the wrong thing . . . you can kiss your sales goodbye.

When you and I have our conversation about your unique situation, we’ll narrow down specifically what voice can best impress your perfect prospect so that the decision for them to say “Yes!” to your offer is brain dead simple and you can feel as if you’ve come to your own rescue with the rush of sales that have shown up in your bank account that allow you to pay the bills looming over your head or . . . to splurge on a weekend in Vegas just for the hell of it.

4. What is your best focus?

What are you selling?

If you’re selling a newsletter or a course that is going to unfold over weeks where none of the actual content has been written yet, this is going to force the focus of your entire sales message to be different than if you’re selling a set of golf clubs, or if you’re selling investments, vitamins, massage therapy, conferences, consultations, fundraising, meals, etc.

And yet most of the sales letter guides you see out there are advising you to use the same sales letter formula for everything. But you and I know that everything cannot be sold with a boiler plate template.

Should you lead with the bonuses you’re going to give away? Should you lead with the guarantee? Should you lead with the offer of only getting paid after you’ve delivered results?  I don’t know yet . . . but we will after you and I look at what you bring to the table.  

5. What Is Your Best Approach Strategy?

In what vehicle do you deliver your powerful benefits and hot button motivators in an ad that draws your perfect prospects in? 

  • Should you launch a product online?
  • Should you run a full page space ad for it in a certain magazine or newspaper or trade journal?
  • Should you sell it through an auto-responder email campaign that directs people to a sales letter?
  • Should you offer free consultations that lead to you offering your product or service over the phone?
  • Should be just selling appointments with your ads because your best approach is going in and pitching face to face?
  • Should you send people directly to a salesletter from Pay Per Click ads or banner ads and if so, what do you say in those ads?
  • Should you be doing direct mail?

All of these approaches warrant a unique approach to how you are going to sell what you’re going to offer. And the one thing to remember is that GETTING YOUR STUFF READ, WATCHED, OR LISTENED TO IS 50% OF THE BATTLE.

This reminds me of a story I heard the legendary copywriter Clayton Makepeace tell tonight.

When Clayton was scraping by as a nobody in the copywriting world back in the eighties he and his business partner had the idea to sell a book that contained the nastiest lyrics of all the hair bands like AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Metallica, etc. and it was titled, “THEY’RE OUT TO STEAL YOUR CHILDREN”. The cover of the book had a picture of the band KISS on it with their painted faces leaping out at you in attack mode.

Their target audience was parents and the book was designed with the intention of serving as a warning for them to keep their kids away from these bands.

They thought they might sell a hundred or so copies of it at most. They ended up selling 30,000 books within the first week.

How in the hell did this happen? Brilliant copywriting? Nope. It was The Right Approach that kicked the door wide open and made it so that even mediocre rookie sales copy easily sold the book.

They ran their little ad for this book in a Christian conservative magazine. They had the right message for the right market in the right media.

If you parade your spectacular sales copy that you painstakingly sweat and bled to produce, out to the world in a channel that your perfect prospects completely miss or completely ignore, all the effort you poured into creating the sales presentation is wasted and you end up feeling like a total bum about your ability to sell, when in fact, your pitch was dead on arrival because it landed on deaf ears and blind eyes.

I REFUSE to let this happen to you. When we talk, you and I will review all the perfect places to meet your perfect prospects with the perfect proposition.

STOP Stacking The Odds Against Yourself By Taking The Wrong Advice, Buying Into The Wrong Plans and Taking The Wrong Actions

There are copywriters out there that attempt to sell you “Sales Copy Critiques” with the promise of boosting your sales conversions.

You send them your sales letter and they will look at it and tell you if your Headline is shitty or not . . . if your opening line is worthless . . . if your sales message is any good or not . . . if your offer is actually hurting you . . . if your “Reason To Act Now” copy is non-existent . . . if  your call to action is wimpy as hell . . . and if your P.S. might as well not even be there because is simply a waste of words.

And then they might give you suggestions for tweaks to make in headlines like “make it more benefit oriented,” . . . and tell you to include a story in your copy . . . and to include some testimonials . . . and give you suggestions for strengthening your bullet benefit copy . . . and tell you need to change your bonuses you’re offering or add some . . . or . . . emphasize your need to fix or include a guarantee.  

But all of their advice is useless and potentially harmful.

Why? You just learned why.

Because if this advice isn’t informed by profitable answers to each of the five questions above, you’re doing nothing but rearranging chairs on the deck of the sinking Titanic. You can keep straightening the chairs but it always comes back to the same problem. The ship is going down i.e. the marketing strategy is ALL WRONG.

The greatest copy in the world will never overcome showing up in front of the wrong prospect with something they don’t want . . . or in front of the perfect prospect with something they don’t want.

You now have a full understanding that getting a critique like this is both wasted time and money if you don’t have the profitable answers to each of the five crucial questions. 

Here’s Is The Gift You’re Invited To Accept From Me:

Direct And Personalized Answers To Each Of These 5 Crucial Questions 

As I promised you at the start of our conversation here, I have revealed to you the 5 crucial questions you need answers to BEFORE you ever write one word of your ad.

I would be so bold as to proclaim that you are now a serious contender for the title of “Heavy Weight Champion” of your niche where almost everyone is either too lazy to answer these questions before attempting to make an offer or will forever remain ignorant to the fact that their salesletters are bombing because they don’t ask them.

I believe in my soul that you agree with me.   

And now I want to serve as your trainer that takes the raw natural talent and gifts you have and channel and coordinate them in a way that turns your sales letter into a force to be reckoned with.


By having an intimate conversation where you and I walk step-by-step through each of these questions and find the profitable answers unique to your situation so that the foundation of your sales letter is rock solid.    

When you’re under my care and guidance we will be focusing on first things first.  

I wish for today to be the beginning of your journey of going from being the #1 ranked contender . . . to bobbing, weaving, and knocking out your challenges so that you can take the title of the “Heavy Weight Champion” of your niche and mightily defend this title over and over and over again against the best in the business who dare to step up and challenge you for the belt.

So how do you claim this incredible gift? By taking advantage of ANOTHER gift I wish to hand you . . . 

Here Is The Second Gift You Are Welcomed To: 
A Ten Step Diagnosis Of Your Sales Message

In Greek mythology, when Achilles was a baby, it was foretold that he would die young. To prevent his death, his mother Thetis took Achilles to the River Styx, which was supposed to offer powers of invulnerability, and dipped his body into the water.

But as Thetis held Achilles by the heel, his heel was not washed over by the water of the magical river.

Achilles grew up to be a man of war who survived many great battles. But one day, a poisonous arrow shot at him was lodged in his heel, killing him shortly after. Still, Achilles is remembered as one of the greatest fighters who ever lived.

There are ten potential Achilles’ Heels of any sales letter you write that can end the fight to keep your business alive and thriving. Here they are . . .

#1: Your Theme:

One thing you may have noticed before is that every world class sales letter has a theme to it. The theme sets the tone for the entire ad and if it is compelling, it sucks your perfect prospect into it.

Sometimes the theme in an ad is fear, frustration, or desire.

Sometimes the theme is a positive or negative current event. Y2K and the Dot Com bust was a cash cow for smart marketers. If you’re on the web where you can move fast this theme can be a winner for you.

Sometimes the theme is rooted in conspiracies, frauds or cons. Any time you find out about someone doing your perfect prospect wrong and you can blow the whistle on them, you’re going to get attention. Maybe a Consumer Awareness Guide theme would serve you well.

Sometimes the theme is a Forecast. Maybe you have insight to what’s coming down the pike and you want to warn and prepare your perfect prospect.

Or sometimes the theme is How-To. As you may have noticed, this is the theme of the letter you are reading now.

These are legendary themes. A well chosen theme can take ALL the strain out of writing your salesletter. And the question we’ll answer when we talk on the phone is which one is right for what you’re selling.    

#2: Your Format:

When you and I talk we will figure out whether it’d be best to educate your perfect prospect with a longer sales sequence that extends to multiple messages culminating in asking for a sale or if you need to just get right to the point with a short space ad . . . or something in between.  

#3: Your Headline:

Your headline is your ad for your ad. If you don’t get this right, you’re dead in the water. Especially with people who don’t already know, like, and trust you.

You and I will talk through what words would be best suited to grabbing your perfect prospect’s focus away from everything else going on in their world at the moment and drive their eyes to what you say next. 

#4: Your Readership Sale

If you’re going to ask people to spend a good amount of time reading with you, you have to sell them on the fact that they are going to come out the other end better off for having done so regardless of whether they give you money or not.

Even if it was impossible for you to join me on the phone to death-proof your ad, your time here will have been well spent because at the very least you’ve come away with the five crucial questions you need to have air-tight answers to before you ever write an ad.

I want to show you how to have this same courtesy for your perfect prospects so that they’ll actually be excited about reading what you write which of course is the precursor to them buying what you have to offer. 

#5: Your Emotional Connection With Your Perfect Prospect

Do you sound like the Terminator robot in your letter? Or do you sound fake like the correspondence you see coming out of the mouths of the mega corporations?

One thing to keep in mind when attempting to influence is that motion is created by emotion. People get off their ass and take action only when they’re inspired to do so. And if you’re boring people into leaving, you’re creating the wrong kind of motion.  

Maybe you should be raging pissed off leading them into battle against at a mutual enemy of yours. Maybe you should express excitement and enthusiasm at the possibility of a new discovery. Maybe you should express the stern but loving parent voice that slaps them out of their depressed state of mind.

When you and I talk we will strive to find the perfect tone of emotion suited to the theme of your copy and your personality that will make them feel cared for appreciated.

#6: Your Benefit Copy

Do you know what one of the deadliest enemies you face when attempting to sell something to another person?

It is them thinking, “Pfft! So what?” after they’ve read what you think they should be wowed by.

You see this every day, all day in broad, abstract and vague claims like this ==> “Colon Cleanse Supreme promotes a healthy digestive system”.

Now compare that claim to this one . . .

“Easy to swallow colon cleansing pills remove antique sludge from your colon.  

This means being free of the sharp pain in the bottom of your torso and being able to lose 5-10-15 pounds because you’re finally getting rid of the 20-30-40 years of stock piled decaying shit that served as the perfect fuel for torturous colon cancer cells to grow and spread.
Which leads to the real benefit — you staying free of disease and staying alive and capable of taking care of your family instead of becoming a fat dying burden to them.”

Which one do you think paints a better picture of what the product offers? There is no doubt that the second one does. When we meet up on the phone I’m going to show you the four steps to fully fleshing out how bad ass your product or service is so that your perfect prospects can’t wait to have access to what you are selling.

#7: Your Proof Elements

Have you ever read or watched an ad and they claim something crazy like “LOSE 30 POUNDS IN 30 DAYS – WITHOUT EXERCISE AND WITHOUT DIETING – ALL WHILE SITTING ON THE COUCH EATING WHATEVER YOU FEEL LIKE” and said to yourself, “Yeah, right. Bullshit!”

Of course you have.

I going to make sure you can defend yourself from any of your perfect prospects saying that to themselves when you’re talking to them in your salesletter by showing you the unique proof elements that are tailor made for your product or service that will evaporate any doubt that you can deliver on your promises.

#8: The Readability of Your Copy

When we’re too close to our copy and we get excited about what we’re saying it gets easy to ram sentences together and put them in places that make sense to us because we wrote it and we know what we’re trying to say but that confuses anyone else who reads it.

I will serve as your destroyer of confusion and clutter.

The rule of communication is to NOT be misunderstood. I will enforce this rule ruthlessly on your behalf so that your writing structure doesn’t get in the way of you making sales.   

#9: Your Offer

I’m going to laser focus in on what you’re saying to get people to give you money. I’m going to tear through what your offer consists of. There are seven components of your offer that you and I are going to fortify . . .

  • The way you present your price
  •  The way you justify your price
  • The way you address the reasons prospects won’t respond
  • The “gifts with purchase” you offer
  • The placement of where your offer is
  • The kind of urgency incentive you’re using
  • The way you are presenting your guarantee (if you are presenting one at all)

The “who” you’re putting yourself in front of determines 50% of the reason whether you’ll make a sale or not. 20% is due to what you say. Your Offer makes up the other 30% of the reason people are responding to you or not.

So now you see why this segment of our time together will be extremely to you.

#10: Your Order Form

Are you making it hard for people to give you their money once they make the decision to go to your order form to do so? It will be very interesting to see what I find.

Here is how to protect your sales letter’s Achilles’ heels from the poisonous arrow that is your perfect prospect’s skepticism

You send me the sales letter you would like to have me review. Then, between two separate days, we will spend 3 hours together on the phone or on Skype.

  • Our first 90 minute session will be dedicated to you and I answering the 5 most crucial questions you need answers in order to give your salesletter the strongest chance of succeeding. During this call I will be getting all the background information on you and your business, and your product or service that I need so that I’m not pulling suggestions out of my ass that clearly won’t work for your unique situation.
  • Our next 90 minute session together will be solely dedicated to applying what I learned about you, your business and your product/service towards the outcome of creating a strong defense around the 1o Achilles’ heels of your salesletters
  • The next 90 minutes will be my team and I providing you with a full “Copy Critique” using the information we’ve discovered together. We will deliver this digital video recording to you within 5 days of our two phone calls.
But before this can happen I have to admit something to you that you might not want to hear: This may not be for you.


When it comes to giving sales letter advice I cannot be mean. Mean is not in my DNA. But I can be blunt and direct.

The reason for this is that your mortgage is nothing to play with. Your electric, water, and food budget are nothing to play with. The insurance payments that make sure your family is taken care of in the face of an unforeseen tragedy is nothing to play with.

So if I’m scared to tell you that something in your letter is hurting your response just for the sake of not rocking the boat, I’m putting your finances in danger. There is no way I can justify lying to you because I want you to avoid having you mad at me.

So if you’re either too sensitive to appreciate constructive criticism or too lazy to potentially re-write big or small hunks of your letter, then you need to not join me on the phone and instead you need to find a wimpy people-pleaser who is in desperate need of your money.

Please keep on reading if you understand and appreciate where I’m coming from.

The price of admission is only $797 dollars. (and I’m offering a two payment plan of just $427 per payment)

This rare promotion is a steal for you being that I don’t do consulting by the hour but rather I do it by the day and this amount wouldn’t cover anywhere near what even a quarter of the cost of a day is.

I also felt this fair number would weed out anyone who is just “Playing business” rather than “being in business”. You know, someone who is just dipping their toe in to see if being in business is not going to be too inconvenient or too scary for them vs. someone who is ALL IN COMMITTED.

Through the years I’ve found that the committed people take action and the scared people wait until someday and as you and I know the road to someday leads to nowhere.

I also trust that by spending $797, you will take this opportunity more seriously than if you’d only spent $47 or $97 dollars and this will help encourage you even more to act on the solutions you get which are meant to lead to you doubling up on or tripling your investment.

One question to consider is will your stake in our time together going to pay off on your very first additional sale you make thanks to the adjustments you make? Will it pay off after only five additional sales? Or will it pay off after only ten additional sales you make? Whatever the number is for you, I am guaranteeing your investment will pay off sooner than later.

I have only set aside 25 hours of my schedule for this project (added a few hours buffer time). This means that as soon as I have accepted 5 people (4.5 hours per person), the buy link dies.

I hope that you have not already missed out by having shown up here too late.




Why Would You Call This Opportunity To Spend Time With Me A Gift To Yourself?


Whenever you consciously set out to responsibly buy yourself something that makes your living experience here on earth better, you think of this as giving yourself a gift.

What I am offering you is destined to make your experience of selling better. As a matter of fact, it HAS TO MAKE YOUR EXPERIENCE OF SELLING EASIER.

My 100% Money Back Guarantee

My Two Solemn Unconditional Promises To You


If the world were a fair place copywriting coaches would only make money when you do. So I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

Punish Me If I Don’t Perform Promise #1:

After we get off the phone with each other you have to be completely convinced that you know exactly what you need to do to give your salesletter the best shot at turning prospects into customers because you’ll be able to answer the 5 crucial conversion enhancing questions and you’ll have the defense I helped you create around the 10 most vulnerable parts of your sales letter.

And if for any reason you are not as certain of this as you are of the fact that Monday always comes after Sunday, simply let me know and I’ll personally rush you a refund for everything you invested in the gift of our meeting together.

Punish me If I Don’t Perform Promise #2:

I am different than anyone else you could get sales letter advice from.


Because I refuse to accept a testimonial from you if you’re just jerking me around trying to make me feel good by saying, “Lewis is GREAT. He gave me PHENOMENOL advice. I think I will make a LOT of money with what I learned from him.”

Thanks, but no thanks.

Of course I am deeply honored and grateful that you feel that way but the only testimonials I will accept from you are the ones that are most meaningful to you.

Something to the tune of, “Lewis suggested I change ______ to _______ and when I did and tested it out we ended up getting 33.9% increase in sales — $22,348.59 cents of additional pure profit that I get to go spend on whatever I want. I love Lewis’s insights so much I want to take them behind the junior high and get them pregnant.”

So with this being the case you MUST experience specific, tangible, concrete, and measurable improvement in your sales conversions as the result of implementing my recommendations.

If for some freakish reason this doesn’t occur, simply show me what you tested and what the results were and I’ll either personally rush you a 100% refund of everything you invested in our meeting together or . . . I’ll keep working with you as long as you keep testing the copy.

Bottom Line: I am gambling on you. You are not gambling on me. You have to get what you want, or more, as the result of us spending time together and if you don’t, I pay.

This is why taking advantage of this service can genuinely be thought of as being a gift to yourself. This is a gift to your soul which is striving daily for direct paths to peace of mind, respect, fun, love, and security.

Here’s What To Do Now:

I am a direct response specialist. This means when I write a sales letter, I’m going to do it in such a way that the perfect prospect can’t stop reading until they’ve hit the signature line or the last PS.

And then they’re not going to be able to resist responding to whatever I’m asking them to do – presumably call, come in, or buy.

There are five major determining factors to success with a marketing campaign in general that I’ve laid out for you here and ten for your sales letter and drawing on all my experience I’m going to help you align those five marketing factors and ten sales letter components in your favor.

So go ahead and click the link below and you’ll receive detailed instructions on how to get started . . .



“Thank You Lewis for being a friend and coming to my aid. It is time for me to put an end to being ignored by my perfect prospects who have money to spend but are choosing not to spend it with me because I’m saying or doing something wrong.”

For those of you that need additional information or would like to schedule a 20 Minute Strategic Consult with me than please email me at nerd.mastermind@gmail.com and I will forward you a calendar to schedule a time.

You now have a decision to make:

You can keep on doing what you’re doing and keep on getting what you’re getting (heaven forbid you’re in a crisis now). And if you aren’t positively proud and delighted with the results your salesletter is bringing to you, you can keep feeling ashamed and baffled about what you need to change to turn things around.

Or . .

You can let me help you answer 5 out 5 of the crucial conversion questions correctly and most importantly, profitably. And you can allow me cut off all the fat and waste within the 1o key areas of your salesletter and show you where and how to add muscle so that your sales stats can make you beam with pride. Guaranteed.

The choice is up to you my friend. You’re an intelligent person. I trust you know what the right choice is.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne