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The Secrets Inside The 80/20 Express Productivity Report Help You Figure Out The Truth Behind Why Some People Who Are Dumber Than You . . . That Are Going After The Same Customers As You . . . Are Earning $1,000.00 Dollars-An-Hour

When you realize the secret behind why only two kinds of people dominate the business world – smooth talkers and smooth doers – and that smooth talkers are not usually smooth doers and that smooth doers are not usually smooth talkers…

. . . And then you see exactly how you can capitalize on this priceless gem of wisdom . . . you’ll be well on your way to earning $1,000 dollars-an-hour yourself

If you’ve ever met Perry Marshall in-person or engaged with any of his webinars, tele-seminars or audio/video products, I’m betting you didn’t get the sense that you were dealing with your typical smooth talker.

When I hear Perry’s thoughts verbalized I think, “Good Ol’ Midwestern Farm Boy” – a non-pretentious dude who will WOW you if given the time to prepare thoroughly and write his thoughts out.

This is the opposite of what I think when I listen to world famous marketing expert Jay Abraham who’s as smooth a talker as you’ll ever find whose fully-automatic mind is able to shoot a million dollar-idea-a-minute at you, off the top of his head, at the drop of a hat – working without a net, with zero direct preparation.

Two men with polar opposite dispositions.

Two men who have respectively DOMINATED their competition in a information/consulting business for years now.

Two men who admittedly deal with the same challenge of what the Kolbe Index classifies as being High Quick Starters – (they’ve got tons of ideas for awesome projects to start) and Low Follow Through (left to their own devices, none of the brilliant projects they start will ever get finished or will take FOREVER to complete) personalities.

How have they managed to succeed in spite of themselves?

Well, there’s a lot of things they’ve done right but I can tell you for sure that NEITHER of these guys could reign supreme by themselves. Nor could they have dominated by bringing more people onto their teams who are exactly like them.

These men both took advantage of bringing the opposite kind of personality into their business – Perry brought smooth talkers on board to help him fortify his business with the strengths they offer, as well as smooth doers to drive projects past the finish line and Jay brought slow-talking smooth doers like Carl onboard to help him with the essential gifts they bring to a business much like silver-tongued Steve Jobs did when he aligned himself with Steve Wozniak to start up Apple Computers.

All of these men have had their most productive years when they had this yin and yang concept working in their favor . . . and they all suffered their least productive years when they didn’t. Simple as that.

Are You The Masterful Smooth Talker Or The Slow But Steady Smooth Doer?

Please carefully consider the following questions . . .

  • What is positive in your daily workflow right now?
  • What have you done so far to successfully ensure that you’re driving projects to completion?
  • What have been the advantages of doing things the way you’ve been doing them?

I would say that if you have everything you want in regards to health & happiness, money & wealth, love & relationships, learning & fulfillment, and in terms of giving back and contributing to others and you believe you’ve already reached Success with a capital S then you’re awesome and you shouldn’t be wasting your time here.

But if you know there’s some room for improvement in the part of your life where you invest time and effort in the hopes of filling your bank account up with money and the part where you make the world a better place the best way you see fit . . . then I believe you’ll agree that what you see in your notes on this course can dramatically improve what you suck at… and put some very much appreciated extra horse power behind what you’re already doing well.

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YES!!! I Want My 80/20 Express Productivity Nerd Report. I understand I get IMMEDIATE Access to the Full 50 pages of the exact Ideas and strategies many paid thousand for. And I know it’s backed by a 100% complete NO B.S. Guarantee

Now let me ask you this . . .

What would be even better than what you’re experiencing now in terms of consistently driving projects to completion so that cash is steadily flowing like wine into your life?

Please take a second and imagine what would have to be here now so that you would know that these areas of your life are better than what you have now?

What would have to be present, that isn’t today, so that you’ll be doing things in your life even better than you have been up until now?

I want you to keep all the things in your business productivity arsenal that you enjoy and I encourage you to make the smallest changes that will have the most meaningful impact and build upon what is already helping you move forward so that your world can be calibrated precisely the way you want it to be.

The fact that you’re here now and that you can even entertain the option to click on whatever link that brought you here and then click on the buy link on this page and invest in taking things to the next level in your life tells me that you’ve had successes in the past… at least enough success to where you’re open enough to the idea of being, doing, and having more of it.

There have been times and situations you’ve experienced where you knew you had to make things happen and you’ve been successful. There have been times where maybe you didn’t even realize it, because it was so easy for you, that you got exactly what you wanted.

More of this is what I believe is in store for you today – an enhancement of your skills that make it even EASIER to get EXACTLY what you want.

Someday I’d like to know about these winning experiences, these triumphant successes you’ve had. I’d like to know what you’ve noticed was going on when you’ve been most successful and what allowed you to do that.

And until the day comes when you and I talk one-on-one, I’ll just ask you to remember and re-cherish in your own mind, one or two of these experiences that allowed you to feel like a conquering hero in your world.

Now the only objective you and I have today is working towards helping you refine your success process so that “kicking ass” becomes the base line, the default setting for how you operate from here on out into your future.

Here’s A Glimpse Of A Few Things You Can You Be Doing To Make Things Even Better In Your Life – Which Ones Reach Out And Grab You?

If your business is serving a mighty purpose that goes beyond you just paying your bills and buying toys and is actually dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives… the people who waste your time, the work that wastes your time, and the habits that waste your time are not only cheating you, but they’re also cheating the hundreds or thousands of people you could actually be helping by driving your projects to completion with a clean, un-polluted focus.

Not every person you interact with makes the same level of contribution to society. Not every activity you’re working on when you say you’re working is leading towards your greatest possible contribution to society.

Some people don’t bring very much value to society and yet they suck up the time and focus of people who have the potential to bring MASSIVE value to world with their talents and abilities.

If you’re going to have the biggest and baddest impact possible on this planet while you’re here, you’ve got to be a snob about WHO is taking up your time and WHAT is taking up your time.

It won’t be long now before you’re coming to the logical conclusion that what you have in your notes are the underlying, nurturing components that grow productive, successful, fulfilled and superior small business owners . . .

  • What’s Stopping You From Hiring Someone To Clean Your House? Your guilt and your embarrassment; not money. You feel guilty about asking people to do work you can easily do yourself, that you’ve been told all your life you should do for yourself, but are too lazy to do, or are careless about doing, and that’s why you don’t hire help – and if you do, you clean up before the cleaners come . . . or you leave the house so you don’t feel like they’re judging you while you’re sitting there in your sweats “playing” on your computer. When you use what you see in your notes you’ll finally grow the balls to outsource work and delegate tasks and this simple act of hiring someone to clean your house will mark the first step you need to take in order to FINALLY be okay with devoting 80% of your work hours to activity that brings you 80% of your profits, the work that makes the hours fly by, the work that leaves you feeling like a conquering hero at the end of the day . . .
  • The Two Double-Edged Swords That Are Murdering Your Potential: Our dilemma shows up when we realize these two swords can also serve to help us slice through every one of the obstacles showing up in our lives. Learn the secrets to wielding these swords effectively with what you see in this first section of your notes and you’ll be able to protect your profits and priorities just as a samurai would the innocent . . .
  • More Secrets Behind Why You’re Desperately Clinging To $10 Dollar & $1 Dollar-An-Hour Work: There’s 5 kinds of work you can be engaged in during your work hours – $1 dollar-an-hour work, $10 dollar-an-hour work, $100 dollar-an-hour work, $1,000 dollar-an-hour work, and $10,000 dollar-an-hour work. If you haven’t taken the personality test, the strength-finding test, and the Strategic Coach Unique Ability exercise pointed out to you in your notes, there’s about a 99% chance you are unconsciously engaged in $10 dollar or $1 dollar-an-hour work for 95+% of your work day. Finally be free to make the choice to be done with the self-sabotage of your talent and true potential . . .  
  • What Is The Most Important Thing You Can Catch Yourself Doing? Thinking evil thoughts? Undressing people you’re sexually attracted to with your eyes? Being lazy? Nope. Nope. And Nope. Discover what this and start noticing the elusive obvious so you can allow yourself to naturally, automatically, consistently, and genuinely impress people . . .
  • Why Perry Marshall Believes Every Serious Entrepreneur Needs A Virtual Assistant: Maybe this is something that you have felt was unnecessary or maybe you’ve thought the idea was interesting but you didn’t have a clue as to what work you should have a virtual assistant doing for you, what qualities they should and shouldn’t have or even where to find one. Well, all of the mysteries surrounding this topic have been cleared up for you in your notes . . . 
YES!!! I Want My 80/20 Express Productivity Nerd Report. I understand I get IMMEDIATE Access to the Full 50 pages of the exact Ideas and strategies many paid thousand for. And I know it’s backed by a 100% complete NO B.S. Guarantee



  • Coming Up With Your Very Own Customized and Compelling Answer To The Question of, “What can I do to leave behind a world that’s more _______ and less ________ than the one I’m living in now?” When you go through the eight pages of notes dedicated to harnessing world class values, motivation, objectives, and plans  you will have the beginnings of a mighty mission that not only sucks the best out of you, but that also effortlessly attracts super star employees and partners to your business’s movement . . .
  • Outsourcing Work Overseas: When to do it . . . how to do it . . . what work to do it with . . . where to do it . . . who to do it with . . . how to pay people . . . what to pay people . . . how to assign work . . . how to get the best quality work . . . how to manage outsourced help . . . the best way to communicate with people who have English as their second language . . .  All of these questions and more have been addressed so that you’ll see the true value in having certain work done overseas and have supreme confidence in doing so because you know you’ll be avoiding the idiot mistakes people make when undertaking this task . . .
  • Fastest Way To Bring Cash Money In The Door: See the sequential 8-Step Prioritizing Process that allows you to pick products/services to pursue that give you best odds of hitting singles, doubles, triples or homeruns via the quickest, the cheapest, and the easiest route. Gone are your days of sitting there striking out by swinging at the wrong opportunities or striking out by not swinging at all as you sit on a bunch of half-done products and un-pursued brilliant ideas . . . 
  • All Problems In Your Business Are Systems Problems: Better marketing will NOT solve all your business problems. More staff will NOT solve all your business problems. Both of these can actually cause you MORE problems and drama in your business. But with the notes you have on creating/documenting winning systems which are so crystal clear that new team members can easily hit the ground running because they’re quickly learning on their own what to do so they can start producing desirable results almost immediately, you’ll now be getting everything you can out of everything you’ve got…
  • And so much more in between the lines that would’ve dragged this letter on FOREVER
As Awesome As You and Your Life Are Now, There Is Something More Calling Out To You – THE NEXT LEVEL!!!

What is it about the following two Hollywood examples that will drive this point home?

Jerry Maguire: [babbling and struggling] I love you. You… you complete me. And I just…

Dorothy: Shut up,


Dorothy: just shut up.


Dorothy: You had me at “hello”. You had me at “hello”.


And . . .

Whether you’re familiar with that famous scene from the movie “Jerry Maguire” or “Honey Boo Boo’s mom”, pictured above, or not, isn’t all that important. What is important is the sentiment of the scene and this picture and how they both carry meaning over to your professional life.

If your business is having problems . . . or is an absolute catch, a company with potential to hit it big and yet is MASSIVELY under performing and you’re having to stand by and watch a fat, greasy, and dumb (fill in the negative attribute of your choice here) competitor get MAJOR love and MAJOR $1,000 dollars-per-hour kind of money from the market . . . someone or something is missing in your life and it is now incomplete.

I believe that since you’re here with me now, some idea you’ve met here in this letter “got you at hello” and that you now trust in your heart of hearts that having access to whatever this idea is will complete you as a business owner.

I honor you for having this realization now and since I’m rooting for you to “get the girl” (read: have a business that meets all your needs at high levels that you’re wildly proud of and love showing off to the world).

And with this being the case . . .

Here’s My Solemn Unconditional Promise To You

I trust that what you discover and put to work from your Perry Marshall 80/20 Productivity Express notes will bring you the admiration, the security, and the freedom you secretly, or not so secretly, lust after.

But of course I would say that.

These are my notes and I’m “beat on my chest” proud of them. I have spent over 20 hours driving their awesomeness into my mind while taking them, then editing them, then formatting them, so of course, I’m biased.

Now if the world were a fair place, information marketers would only make money when you do so in the spirit of being a force for good, I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

Your Perry Marshall 80/20 Productivity Express notes MUST reveal and explain in detail to you the strategies and tactics behind leaving “normal” behind and moving forward towards being exceptional, incredible, and legendary in your business life…

If for some strange reason you don’t feel that because you now have this wisdom and that by following the exercises in your notes that you will now have the moral authority that gives you the permission to lead yourself and others to greatness and be justified in feeling the supreme confidence in the fact that you indeed are a superior being and that you are indeed worthy of worship in the eyes of other people you support with your incredible performance in life . . . simply let me know and I’ll personally rush you a refund for everything you invested in these notes!

Take as long as you like – all the way up until your 1 year guarantee – to absorb and digest these revolutionary truths.

Then you decide: You have to be completely convinced that your notes are leading you to EARNING super hero status in the eyes of others because the ACTIONS that flow from following these exercises are MAKING SURE you are BEING superior; DOING WHAT SUPERIOR PEOPLE DO; not just pretending to be superior – talking the talk but not walking the walk. And if you aren’t convinced of this . . . I’ll rush you a full refund AND of course you keep your 80/20 Productivity Express notes without cost . . . as my gift to you for trusting me.

You can have ALL the BRILLIANT learnings Perry reveals in this course and you can have them in the shortened time it takes to breeze through my easy-0n-the-eye 48 pages of notes.

So it’s up to you:

You can NEVER get these PRICELESS insights because you’re too lazy to watch and take notes on your own home study version of this course you were lucky enough to get your hands on . . . or perhaps NEVER even have these insights because you can’t afford to buy this $499 dollar course now while it’s available or . . .

. . . you can possess these REVOLUTIONARY insights and have them at your beck and call to help you slash and burn through all your useless habits and install the behaviors that allow you gain the skills and the insights that allow you to be your own real-life super hero to the group of people you care most about influencing, or you can use them…

…to embarrass the shit out your competitors or people who used to kick sand in your face because you couldn’t finish tasks or products as fast they could or . . . to protect yourself from going broke because you’re seen as the “dinosaur” who just isn’t with it out there in the workforce or market, or . . . or to gain the respect that comes with being the “Man/Woman With The Plan” that your friends, family, and colleagues admire and come to when they need help and are thankful for having in their life.

YES!!! I Want My 80/20 Express Productivity Nerd Report. I understand I get IMMEDIATE Access to the Full 50 pages of the exact Ideas and strategies many paid thousand for. And I know it’s backed by a 100% complete NO B.S. Guarantee


Whatever your motivation is for wanting to learn the HONORABLE and the PROFITABLE way to behave, I honor it. And I’m proud of you for choosing to handle this oh-so crucial area of the legacy you’ll leave behind. 

So please, accept this gift to yourself now for only $ BY GETTING THE NOTES HERE.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne a.k.a. Note Taking Nerd #2