What My Note Taking Nerd Learned In The Renegade Time Management Program

Discover The Exact Renegade Time Management Strategies That Dan Kennedy Uses To Claim Full Control Over His Time, Clients, And Destiny

If You’re An Entrepreneur And You Ignore These Notes You May As Well Take Your Savings --- Any Retirement You’ve Stored Up --- And Your Very Financial Security -- And Kiss Them All GOOD BYE

On The Other Hand, If You Pay Close Attention To These Notes --- And TAKE ACTION On What You Discover, You’ll Have Plenty Of Time To Not Only Protect Your Wealth But Also The Goose That Lays The Golden Eggs --- Your Business

Inside of the MyNoteTakingNerd “Renegade Time Management” Notes Report you will Receive almost 50 Pages of “No Fluff” content.

Inside Of This Report You’ll Discover
  • See Why Doing The Opposite Of Pretty Much Everyone Else In Your Niche Is The Path To Success: Something like 90% of teenagers has more money in a bank account than 90% of the 65 year olds in America. If everyone is wrong about money, you can rest assured everyone is wrong about how they spend their time at work and at home and in this section of your notes you’ll see why time is money and how you can make this money work for you, rather than you for it
  • The Positive Power Of Negative Preparation: See the exact planning process that allows you to stare problems, drama, set-backs in the face and spit a big green loogie right into their eye when they try to punk you out of pursuing your mission . . .
  • Why Your Cell Phone Is Your Worst Enemy: If you don’t follow Dan’s guidelines, your cell phone probably is strangling your profit with subtle viciousness. Either let your profit be choked to death, or heed the wake up call in this section of the notes and see how many of these cell phone mistakes you’re making that cause Dan to feel pity for you…
  • 7 Primitive Tools Dan Kennedy Uses To Stomp His Younger, More Youthful Competition Into The Ground: Frank Sinatra once said something along the lines of “Anyone who needs more than a spotlight and a microphone is a punk”. I imagine that if you’re one of Dan’s competitors, you’re gonna be embarrassed at see how this diabetic, old decrepit caveman is using rocks and sticks to out-perform your space age punk ass. And, if you aren’t a punk at heart, you’ll come to understand that whiz bang gadgets aren’t the only key to efficiency and effectiveness . . .
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  • The Real Reason You Take Forever To Get Shit Done: With any kind of work, pre-determining how long it should take is a huge step to getting it done in the time it should take. So if you’ve got a to-do list with 20 items on it but you haven’t pre-determined how much time each one of these items is going to get and is supposed to take, you’re guaranteed to have a bunch of items on that list un-done at the end of the day. In this section of your notes, you’ll see exactly how to fix this disaster of a problem…
  • How To Keep Your Personal Problems From Holding Your Business Hostage: What if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, your house burned down the night before, or your wife left you for the Columbian gardener, or it’s a country western song and all of these things happened and you were able to deliver wins for yourself and your clients or customers with the consistency of Michael Jordan during the Chicago Bulls years? See how to do this on Page22- 23-24 of your notes . . . 
  • Single Best Way The Majority Of Business Owners Guarantee No One Helps You And Laughs In Your Face And Behind Your Back: Fix this, and you’ll have your employees, vendors, and partners wanting to take a bullet for you. If you don’t fix this, don’t be surprised when you’re down and out and no one comes to your aid . . .

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Tim Birch & www.150proofresults.com
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Vic Magary
Why Nerd Reports?

It’s really quite simple. If you want to make decisions and take actions that allow you to kick some ass on your competition so that they quit eating away at your customer base.

If you want to breathe easily knowing that there’s enough money to keep you and your family comfortable consistently flowing into your bank account. And…. If you want to create and/or sell products and services that make all of this possible… You’ve gotta surround yourself with people who have solutions to the business problems you face.

Then, you’ve gotta take action on the solutions they give you. Then, because challenge and growth is a constant in business, you rinse and repeat. That’s it. But there’s a metric shit-ton packed into the brief paragraph above and because… 

A business owner trying to do everything by themselves is a recipe for disaster.
 If you’ve got ADD tendencies like me and it’s harder than hell for you to sit through one hour of video or audio, let alone the complete 24-30 hours that make up some of the courses sold to help you build your business then you’re really gonna appreciate what I’ve put together for you here. It’s a safe bet that even if you own the solution to your problems, that this solution is being held hostage by one CD, inside that one course sitting on your shelf. Without having the informationsitting on your shelf, or at that seminar you can’t go to, makes it damn near impossible to get…

  • Consistent results…
  • Scalability in your company…
  • Have the business run independent of you…
  • Your ideas converted into money…
  • Your income converted into wealth…
  • Constant & never ending improvement in your business

 So what’s a superstar like you to do when you want to Kick Some Ass in business BUT you’re strapped for time because besides working…. You also like to… play sports, dance, nap, eat out at hole in the wall & fine restaurants, watch movies, have hot sweaty sex, take vacations, be a shoulder to lean on for friends with problems, go see comedy shows, color, dance, draw, pretend, chat with your kids? What’s your go-to system for inhaling business breakthroughs with speed at precisely THE EXACT MOMENT YOU’RE IN TROUBLE, NEED ANSWERS NOW… and still have balance in your life? 

A Wet Dream For The Busy, The Impatient, And The Scatter-Brained
 Being the anal bastard I am, I started taking notes on my programs and filing them away so that when the need came up for a solution to a problem, BAM! the answer was at my fingertips within seconds, instead of hours or maybe never.

Here’s The Systematized Answers, Right When You Need Them, Inside Your MyNoteTakingNerd Report! GAIN ACCESS IMMEDIATELY!